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About Me

My background

Latanza Warren is the wife of Mr Victor Waren and the mother of two beautiful daughters. She is also the proud grandmother of  six grand babies that she loves and adores.

She is the author of When God Gives You Beauty for Ashes, A Journey To Wholeness: Poems That Heal The Soul, Gods Masterpiece Journal..Newly released collaborative book entitled A Different View and soon to be released mini book From Pain To Purpose.

Latanza Warren is the founder of Gods Masterpiece. Gods Masterpiece was founded, after a storm that Latanza went through that she thought she wouldn't make it through.

But because of her faith, family and her church as support, she not only made it through but became whole and loved herself for the first time.

Through her pain she found purpose and now ministers to women to let them know they too can and will make it through whatever it is that has been trying to hold them back.

Through Gods Masterpiece, she Builds Inspires and Encourages..B.I.E. and this means to say "BIE" to your past, pains and hurts and embrace your present and future.

My faith

One thing Latanza has held on to and has continually grown in is her relationship with God.

She knows that without God none of this would be possible and with God all things have been made possible.

She gives all glory and honor to God..

Gods Masterpiece Offers

Through Gods Masterpiece, Latanza believes in health in three areas, spiritual, physical and financial. 

As an extention of Gods Masterpiece, she helps others to understand the importance of a relationship with God, releasing the past, forgiving, taking care of yourself by healthy living and understanding the importance of having a budget, savings and credit.


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